"Made for Trijam-58"

Use "Mouse" to rotate the arrow and dodge hexagons. 

Art - Inkscape

Game Engine - Godot

Sound Editing - Audacity

Background Music - Selene_Rocknight

Special Thanks - Willowblade & SoundsBeard


Hyper_Hexagon_Linux_V1.zip 15 MB
Hyper_Hexagon_MacOS_V1.zip 15 MB
Hyper_Hexagon_Windows_V1.zip 13 MB
Hyper_Hexagon_Linux_V2.zip 15 MB
Hyper_Hexagon_OSX_V2.zip 15 MB
Hyper_Hexagon_Windows_V2.zip 13 MB


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Great game, but I can't die in keyboard mode.

Cute and does what it says on the tin. Specially polished for a game made in such a short time.

I wished for some variety in the shapes, because, at least in easy mode, since you can “teleport” the cursor (by moving the mouse), as long as you stay focused, it’s very hard to lose. In hard, it’s almost unfair as the view is not large enough to predict what’s going to come.

Of course, I do not think it’s fair to call out a gamejam game made quick on such refinements, but I’m nitpicking :)

The music is fun and engaging, and I found myself trying to avoid the hexagons while making the cursor dance.

As a fan of Super Hexagon, this is a nice variation and I can see myself playing it a little more.

All in all, good job!


Thanks for playing and giving detailed review. If you want to challenge yourself then try it with Arrow Keys when keyboard is enabled. It's much harder.